Will is a property developer originally from Scotland who currently resides in Australia. Will has been in the property business since 2006, starting in general real estate before establishing a highly successful investment company with over 30 employees for almost a decade. Will then shifted into property development, where he designed and executed a number of high-end developments. It didn’t take long for Will to identify the massive undersupply of appropriate housing options for the disabled that fall under “High Physical Support”. Will was excited when the new legislation change happened and is equally excited to help develop a fit for purpose housing solution to combat against disabled people being admitted into inappropriate housing, and giving them a positive, independent outlook for their future.

Aiden Garrison


Aiden has more than 25 years of experience, primarily in the property sector. His experience includes a broad exposure to finance, construction, property development and funds management. Aiden’s experience covers investments and developments in a variety of ownership structures, including simple partnerships, complex structured joint ventures and listed property entities. Most recently Aiden has been involved in capital raising and funding for several large projects, including government infrastructure in Laos, large-scale property developments in India, and a gold mine in Nevada, USA. Aiden has since decided to focus more of his efforts locally in Australia. His vision for SDA Aust Pty Ltd was driven by the lack of purpose build accommodations for disabled people in Australia, and he is now predominantly focused on developing fit for purpose accommodations for this sector.

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