SDA and the Search for Unknown Participants

In the last quarterly report 6,772 people had their NDIS plan approved. Of these a massive 64% were new, meaning they had not previously engaged with the State or Commonwealth disability services. This means that there an additional 4,707 participants in QLD that were not included in the statistics.


  • There are 51,043 active participants in QLD.
    And the total number of participants continues to increase.
  • 25% of new participants have a low level of function
    . This is the group where most will be SDA-eligible.

Offering Hope for Young People in Aged Care

It’s hard to say what’s worse: the ones who are dying, or the ones who have given up and are just waiting to die. Recently, a lovely lady in her 40s had a stroke and spent many years in aged care. She didn’t complain, and even accepted that she was going to die there. She tried hard to find somewhere better, but she was deemed to be in a safe place.

The system has now seemed to take everything out of her. She has SDA in her plan now, but her stroke makes it hard for her to find information. Her parents have passed on and other friends and family have drifted away as the reality of visiting her in a such a depressing environment became too much to handle.

Active QLD Participants

The total number of participants continues to increase.


0 %
Of new particiapants have a low level of function.

Young People Simply Need the Right Care

Young people with high care needs are in the high needs section in aged care. Imagine getting to know the person next to you only to see them pass on. And repeating that over and over again. You’d stop getting close just to protect yourself from the hurt. The next step is to probably just shut yourself off from those around you.

One thing we know is that many young people spend a year longer in hospital than they need to just because they have nowhere to go. To then have to go into an aged care facility is just wrong. The young people we meet in aged care don’t want your pity or for you to think they’re brave. They just want a solution. They want to be able to live somewhere and have the support to live life like everyone else. The government has finally put in place a solution, but the numbers are so enormous that the scale of building required makes the SDA rollout the largest social housing program ever.

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